About Us

So something came up and you need extra money, fast. You may have a weekend or two to earn but now in the dilemma of having no jobs available. Worse, short term employment are hard to find especially as more and more businesses prefer full time employees these days.

Here at opening.com, we take job seeking to another level through the power of social media crowd sourcing, because we understand.

Are you looking for a temporary dog-sitting job to do on the weekend? Are you new in town and want to get to know your neighbors through odd jobs? We may have an opening for you at opening.com!

Do you have extra dollars to spare and looking for a carpool near your area? Do you need to have that lawn mowed but would rather have someone do it? Then create an opening at opening.com!

Simply sign up, link your social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin), let us know what you are looking for and we will do the rest. Once we find a possible match, you will be notified through your social media so you can pocket the extra money you need for that anniversary present you forgot, fast!

Open a world of possibilities by clicking this link.


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